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Candy Handbags are ecological handbags made from recycled material – unused candy wrappers. Candy handbags are handmade in Mexico. Thanks to this, each Candy handbag is unique and each piece is original. We have all handbags on stock. Some handbag models are limited editions and only a limited number of them are made.

How are handbags made:

Candy Handbags are handmade in Mexico using the original technique of ancient Mayans, who used palm leaves to make their products hundreds of years ago. The idea to make handbags from wrappers arose eight years ago. Candy factories disposed of rolls of wrappers for chocolates, candies or soft drinks, discarded due to erroneous print or production changes. Fortunately, now these wrappers are successfully recycled for our unique Candy Handbags. Materials used for manufacturing wrappers are waterproof food foils. These foils are cut into approx. 20 x 10 cm strips, with a paper inserted, which holds the shape. They are hand assembled and sewn according to colours into their final form. It takes one to two days to make one medium-sized handbag.

Who makes the handbags:

Candy Handbags are made in Mexico by our team of producers, consisting of Mayan and Aztec descendents. Thereby, we directly support specific families from socially disadvantaged groups of original inhabitants of Mexico.

How to take care of Candy Handbags:

Candy Handbags are high quality, firm and consistent in shape. We use them and load them just as carefully as any common handbag. The material that they are made from is waterproof food foils, with a folded paper inserted inside. Thus the handbag is resistant to common weather conditions. All you need to clean is a moist cloth to wipe it, but never soak the entire handbag.

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